Faberge Egg Project

My First 8 week University Project. ​

The brief was to create a original design for a Faberge Egg.


The Idea of Faberge egg , was that it held a precious thing inside it , that was hidden or secured in the egg. It had to be very surprising, and extremely valuable, respectively, beautiful....

In my interpretation that is the heart... Because heart is not only the most precious but also the most beautiful ‘thing’. It’s the symbol of love , passion , compassion, conscience , caring ,generosity, courage but as well remorse, guilt, jealousy ....and of course it’s the thing inside your chest that beats restlessly throughout your life , never stopping , never taking break, although sometimes we push it very hard and even torture it... It is the tool of life! And at the end it’s the thing that proves death!

I say: treasure and protect it! As it is the biggest treasure of all!
Don't lock it away , but if you do , then always keep the key by your side , so whenever you need you can unlock the cage and take a look into your heart , and act according to it..


How it's made


In whole from the very start of phase 0 to the finished piece , it was almost 3 months.designing , experimenting, researching and sculpting, casting, painting- all took a long time , not even mentioning the endless mistakes, that made me redo a lot of things...
Materials: fast cast resin, sculpty clay , green stuff, guitar strings, styrene .
Painted with Citadel miniature paints



T: 07501190937


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