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My project of 3 imperial guard soldiers in deep snow. the soldiers have been trough a lot of conversation . The hand of the first and second soldier are completely green stuff. I sculpted them myself, and of course the cloaks are completely from green stuff. The Idea is that there is a heavy wind blowing from the right side with harsh snow.

And stalking Tau pathfinder!

Lord vs Lava Troll diorama


For this diorama I used two games workshop produced miniatures, a Bretonian lord and a troll. The troll originally holds in his hand a fish, that I converted into a rock, other conversation involved removing the trolls hair and converting the head. The knight didn't undergo any conversion. The whole bridge is scratch build.

This was a great project to practice some interesting paint effects and sculpt and make a realistic lava look. Painting realistic bone , was interesting for the dragon skull weapon that the troll has.



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