My project of 3 imperial guard soldiers in deep snow. the soldiers have been trough a lot of conversation . The hand of the first and second soldier are completely green stuff. I sculpted them myself, and of course the cloaks are completely from green stuff. The Idea is that there is a heavy wind blowing from the right side with harsh snow.

And stalking Tau pathfinder!

Basic shape of the bridge out of green polyfoam

covered in sculpting air drying clay DAS, into whom carved bricks and texture

DAS clay sculpted lava.

Painting. Red basecoat, with few washes of yellow

strong yellow and white washes.

Black drybrush , to make the cooled down and set lava look.

Lord vs Lava Troll diorama


For this diorama I used two games workshop produced miniatures, a Bretonian lord and a troll. The troll originally holds in his hand a fish, that I converted into a rock, other conversation involved removing the trolls hair and converting the head. The knight didn't undergo any conversion. The whole bridge is scratch build.

This was a great project to practice some interesting paint effects and sculpt and make a realistic lava look. Painting realistic bone , was interesting for the dragon skull weapon that the troll has.