Le Moustache

How it's made


In 2012 I wanted to try and make a 3d sculpt from a drawing/sketch. I went to DA(deviantart.com) to find some amazing and inspiring and most importantly executable work
After finding some cool ones, I chose this one

      by *einen​ aka Swedish artist 

Jonatan Iversen-Ejve


And finally after months of delaying the finishing of it It's done . It was really hard, because all I had was this one picture/drawing. And from that single image view I had to figure out a 3d model . Of course it isn't completely the same, but as I said without measuring it ,that's nearly impossible. So this is as best I could make , however this is the first thing I have tried to make like this.

And yes, its slightly different, as there are no flies flying above his head. So in my take he is not actually annoyed, but rather deeply in thoughts about something. Maybe he is considering the change of profession , sword doesn't seem to be as likable as roses for example . No matter what he might think he loves to scroll his mustache ,as it is the most gallant and noble and knightly thing about him. Whenever he has a serious decision to make, his mustache or rather the act of fondling his mustache helps him to think of the best option.
Or maybe as you can see he has long fought and wears quite used and old and dirty armor which probably has a nasty stench . At this moment he stands and wonders of the weird scent in the air that he hasn't sensed for a long time , ''what might it be?'' a sense of melancholy overcomes him and he once again starts to stroke his mustache while suspiciously digging in his mind for the memory of this weird and unknown scent...'Roses?'...

Sculpted in super sculpty from nothing . Everything you see in the pictures are made by me( sculpted or carved) . And the paint job is made by me as well.

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