Conceptual story, inspired by the project.

Anderpingson Cooping from PNN news reports:
In 2011 in response to global warming ART (Antarctic Restoration Team) decided to fund a project called PenguBot. It would be a long lasting project that would help save Antarctica and all Pengland citizens. PenguBot was meant to be the name of a programmed AI(artificial intellect) robot. Whose mission would be to help penguin families around Antarctica to restore and repair their houses that had melted or damaged because of the increasingly destructive global warming effect on ice at Antarctica. Early in 2012 the project was carried out by SPARK company(\(\( a company owned by genius ,fishionaire, pingboy, pengunthropist emperor penguin Topy Spark) .An impressive mechanic PenguBot 0.1 was made . However it was the first and last of its model . Sadly just when the lead mechanics completed their work on PenguBOT 0.1 , something went wrong , and PenguBot broke out of the lab . He or it then went free roaming around the Antarctic and our Penguland melting holes in the ice, and reportedly catching fishes. The SPARK leader Topy has disappeared and left no comments, some friends of his say he has gone into the open to stop PenguBot and make everything right again . However the ART and officials and all penguvilians are getting increasingly concerned because since the PenguBot is out he has only increased the Global Warming effects, by simply melting more ice from our loved Penguland decreasing the surface of the ice that rebounds the suns warmth , now more water absorbs the warmth and the living conditions of all of us are worsening.
One of the lead mechanic, who wished to stay anonymous , reported, that
''they believe that PenguBot , has somehow managed to cut off the programmed part of his 'brain' and only the AI part is left,, so there is no way of controlling him.''
Another mechanic, informed us , that they believe , that
''PenguBot now believes he is a real penguin , and that is why he roams around and melts holes in the ice and captures fish.''
This is very concerning for the fish businesses and food supplies all around Penguland, as PenguBot kills huge amount of fish and then just leaves them scattered around , ripped in pieces. the fishers say they cant cope with the amount of fish PenguBot leaves behind and even more doesn't leave in the water .
Luckily there are no reports of PenguBot attacking penguvilians and we all hope that stays that way.
As of the moment no real plan of how to stop him by the government or ART has been issued , and the officials keep evading official press conferences on this matter. Maybe they have connected Topy Spark and hope on his help. however for the time being , we can only hope that PenguBot stays at the far side of Penguland , and that soon enough somebody will stop him.
We will inform you on the story as it develops.