Work in progress.    Pictures of the process of my work. This project took 8 weeks to be completed.

My 3rd big University project .
The brief was to design and make a time machine that fits in a particular century/ time era/ culture/ etc. I Chose 18/19th century science period. Its not really steam punk , although that's what a lot of people immediately think. This is more original period design . Steampunk art nowadays quite often is random cogs and wheels that don't do anything. This machine , however , works ( not in sense of time traveling) but the rings and all of the bits actually rotate and spin.

Materials : MDF, Brass, Resin ,Acrylic , chemiwood, miliput,
Paints: Brass spray paint, citadel paints,
Standard electronics: 2 Dc motors , cogs and wheels , axis , potentiometer, switches,
Both items-old broken clock, revolving pendulum, handles, (everything else is scratch built (apart electronics - batteries and dc motors etc.)



T: 07501190937


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