N.L. Robert’s Paper Machine (1799-1801) 

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(Fourdrinier Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 9RY)

Project brief description


As part of my final year at University of Hertfordshire I was offered the chance to do a commission job for a museum as my semester A project.
 Frogmore Paper Mill based in Hemel Hempstead is a museum about paper making as well as a working custom made paper manufacturer. The commission is to make a model of a Robert’s Fourdrinier Paper Machine from plans made in 1799.  As the museum do not have a working full size paper making machine of this design, they are hoping to at least have a scale model of it, as this is a very important piece in the history of paper making -the first working continuous paper making machine.
The model would be exhibited in their mill, for visitors to see to inform on the development and history of paper making machines.
          Made out of hardwood-lime and aluminium/brass/steel.
           Scale of the model  is 1:5,  overall measurements of 60x34x32 cm .


Close up of details.

The original Drawings from 1799

My produced 2d Drawings in Corel Draw

Video of it working, recorded at the museum.

A 3D model I made in Rhinoceros, to help understand the device and produce precise plans  for the making.



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