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Tree Prop (2).jpg

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Tree Prop (3).jpg

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Tree Prop (2).jpg


Tree of Life and the Diamond of Eternal Youth Prop

This is my last University project, the final one to get my degree. 
Ba(Hons) in Model Design and Special Effects at University of Hertfordshire

So this is a prop, for say an adventure film, like Indiana Jones.
It is mechanical with basic motor and lead screw principle.
Based on the Idea of Three of life, and basic concepts taken from  Yggdrasil . Overall concept is original , and the final design is an original.The Key design(the round gold disk in the front) is taken from a drawing by Alexander Faolchu (World tree).

When the tree opens there is a giant heart shaped red diamond. That possesses magical powers! 
When it is dark in the room because the diamond glows, it creates a shadows all around the walls of the room , shadows in the shapes of the sculpted pattern.
All the sides of the tree base have the roots gripping onto the block , trying to infuse with it so to become inseparable and protect itself.
The knots are lit with little LEDs wired from the inside. To create the illusion that the tree is full with life.
The Shell was all hand sculpted. based on 18th century floral ornaments , my own final design , sculpted and cast in resin and paint finished to look like metal (silver) filigree.
The tree branches are griping and holding the diamond in place close to the trunk and the life within the tree.
In the top shot picture you can see the point where all of the 6 sections join together, and can notice where they come apart.
Once opened, the six sections  don't interfere with each other as the opening is designed so that they open and go under each other. From top creates this floral look ,like a flower that has bloomed.

Project Lenght - 16 Weeks at University. 
Body-Sculpted and cast.
Mechanical parts(insides) 3D printed , and laser cut, for precision.
Fiberglassing , aluminium machining, CNC, and other techniques.
Diamond- Dyed Clear cast resin. Shape is accurate to a real heart shaped diamond cut.

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