Wallace commission

After I had sculpted the initial Human bust sculpture , I was commissioned to modify it so it has the same look as in this picture- meaning I had to add clothes and helmet.​This image is a logo for a company called The Battle Standard,

they sell tabletop game and hobby related products. They saw my original bust sculpture at coolminiornot.com and contacted me to ask me to do this commission for them, as they wanted the bust to be converted to look like their mascot Wallace ( as seen in the logo) , so they could use it as a trophy in their upcoming painting competition.  I made multiple casts for them and sold the mold as well.

After I casted the original , I sculpted armor and clothes on to him , to make him look as needed.​

its around 10cm high(without the hand) . Sculpted in sculpty . For the trophy purpose he was supposed to hold brush instead of a sword or pike , because it would be used as painting competition trophy.​


Paint job done by me , using citadel paints and no airbrushing.


How it was made


For the body I had to do a 2 part mold, I made an sculpty wall and molded one side in silicon, and then removed the wall that was supported with Plasticine(to hold the silicon weight on the wall)  when it was set , removed the wall and plasticine, then put some release agent on the silicon molded the other side. The little black plinth provided for a good pour hole for the resin. The helmet was also a 2 part mold, it was quite challenging to figure out a good way of molding it , but I managed to come up with this and it worked perfectly.